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Getting Ready for Winter

20 Oct 2013 | Life, Reviews



Since we are in a state with a drastic change from the weather we are used to, I had to get on the search for a winter coat for Aida. The temperature here has already began to drop to the 30s-50s range. I knew she would want pink or purple so I had to find just the right one for the weather and one she would at least enjoy wearing. I bought a size 7 so she can wear layers underneath, but she is so short. That’s probably the main thing I have to watch for when buying her things. She has gotten a little bit taller. This coat has headphones built into the hood and two pockets on the inside of the coat. One of the pocket has the headphone cord and the iPhone 4 fits perfectly in there. She thinks she is taking the phone around with her but I had burst that dream (sadly). I told her maybe on the weekends but definitely not to school. We will find out soon enough how it holds up in the cold. The Amazon reviewers and others I looked up on Google had good things to say, so let’s just hope that is the case.

baffinbootsMy next feat was finding snow boots. I was not sure if she would really need any but after getting information about school and recess, they may actually get a chance to go outside depending on the wind chill. Yes …wind chill… something I would have never imagined having to check. I hate hate buying shoes of any kind for myself and for her. We are both picky and if it is not comfortable, we will not wear it. I ended up getting a pair of Baffins Kids boots from 6PM.com (also available here). There were on sale for about $40 and I see that they are sold out now, so I am glad I jumped on that. They have an insulated insert that you can take out of the boot. They are pretty bulky though so I am thinking I will just have to send them to school with her in a little tote bag or something. No idea how that works, so if you are from a cold climate with kids in school and have ideas, please please let me know! I will be eternally grateful. [icon name=”icon-smile”]

Today I did a little online browsing and shopping on Zulily.  Most of the things I buy I get them online. It is just so much easier to browse for what I want from my computer. There are no lines at the checkout and no one blocking the display. I just click and scroll at a pace that’s good for me. Now when I shop for my daughter, I tend to be a little more ‘adventurous.’ I might get some things online and some from a brick-and-mortar store, but there is definitely not just one place I shop.

Whenever I choose clothing for her, I have two things in mind: functionality and photo potential (lol!). I will say that I do let her choose some of her clothing…sometimes. I think every child should have a chance to “shop” for themselves at some point. For me, it is a fun way to see more of her personality and see what she likes. I cannot always let her leave the house in outfits she chooses (lol!)… that’s a story for another day. Anywho…. I have a few more things I am going to work on tonight. I have to re-twist my daughter’s hair and Friday we made a mix of shea butter and some of my favorite essential oils for our hair, which I will be posting soon.

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