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My Confession

When I was 14 years old, I said to myself that I would never wanted to be called anything closely related to a housewife or a stay-home-mom. I despised those two things. I watched both my parents work hard for all the things we had while growing up and I fully expected to do nothing less. I have memories of my dad, mom and older sister being at school functions for myself and my nephew. At one point I said something that I now see as  a very, very  ungrateful and young-minded thing to say. I wanted to find a way to donate my female reproductive organs to science.  I did not want them. I wanted to work… I wanted to be a powerful, smart business woman. I wanted to move away from family and just be free to be myself. I am so glad that somehow my creator knew I was talking plain crazy. I cannot call it anything else really.

I met someone that I could be myself with completely. No one knows me like he does. Hmm…maybe my mom… because I am finding out each day how much we really are alike. I am pretty sure that is why I love her so… plus the fact that she brought me into this world. Not to get off topic… steering back to this confession of mine… I was unloading the groceries about to start my morning and laughed at myself as I put away the container of Cascade pacs. When I moved up here, I had never used a dishwasher. Now I can clean everything else spotless, always could but did not always do it because I was drained from work. The one thing that I avoided was the dishwasher. We had one at the old place but I hated that place and just refused to use that dishwasher that was probably as old as me. After moving, I decided to give it a try… after urging from my mom when she was up here and from Denard.

We never had a dishwasher at home. As my dad always said, “We have a dishwasher…. the kids.” I used to cut my eyes when he said that…lol! (Sorry Da..I love you!) So because of what I am used to, I just refused for the longest to use the thing. After all of my stubbornness, Denard finally showed me what to do. As smart as I am, this should have been an easy task. Nooo… cups flipping over and all this “yada yada yada.” I told Denard that thing is crazy and flipping over all that mess. I just hated it so much. I knew I needed to just let it go… it is just a machine and not going to get the better of me. Then… in that rage… I had to laugh again. This was a few days later of course. The very thing I never wanted to be… I felt like I was becoming. Ohh.. the thoughts that flowed through my head at that moment… cannot be repeated (another confession: I have a bad mouth offline…I try to stay quiet… for this reason… lol!).

I can say that I have gotten over the little dishwasher fiasco and we (dishwasher and I) are getting along just fine. I still feel the need to run out and find a job but it is not something I need right now. Denard is doing a wonderful job at work and got a promotion after being here for about 8 months. Aida is in school and starting to adjust to seeing her cousins, aunt and grandparents on Facetime. I am able to do everything I had been doing but with less stress, so for that I am grateful and actually… not so angry about life… as much (lol!).

On to getting a little creative… I am about to create some digital layouts. That is my plan anyway since I have ideas in my head.

Happy Monday and thank for visiting!!

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