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30 Days of Thanks: Days 5 + 6 | Fall Page

A little making up to do today for my thankful post. I missed yesterday. I got the bright idea to go to bed a little after 10 because my daughter and husband were both sound asleep. I felt like I should have been sleeping too. Bad idea! Whenever I get more than six hours of sleep, it turns into a bad night. Starting at 3 am I woke up every 30 minutes. I kept thinking “I must be sleeping too long.” I would check the alarm and see that I still had plenty of time left. After a while, I just went ahead and got up anyway. I mean what was the point of even going to bed earlier if I was just going to torment myself..right? Sooo… I started working on my post and getting things ready for today.

So… continuing on with my 30 Days of Thanks….

Day 5: I am thankful for my iPhone. Yes- no sentimental, mushy thanks for yesterday. I really love my phone. I am very very forgetful. To be able to set alarms, alerts and reminders for things I need to do is just wonderful. I love that I have apps to keep notes about my day. Sometimes it is just a relief to get some thoughts out of my head before bed. It makes it much easier to scrapbook and not have to worry if I remember the story.

Day 6: I am thankful for music. While I love silence, music takes me to another place. It cannot be too loud. Something just mellow enough that it lets my mind wonder and I can just forget about where I am …who I am. I may be in a good mood or maybe not…the key is that I just want my mind to be “free” and not hold on to whatever is getting to me.  Right now these artists are on my Spotify playlist: Regina Spektor, Meshell Ndegeocello, Foster the People, Great Northen, Janelle Monae, Lady Gaga, Gotye. A few others but these are the ones who I have songs that I just have to hear lately.

Today I got a chance to finish up a scrapbook layout I had been working on. Aida’s new coat finally arrived and I just had to get a photo of her wearing it.

This page was created with a new kit by Kristin Cronin-Barrow at Sweet Shoppe, Sweater Weather. I have been playing around with the border around my photos and tried it out on this page. I think I like how it turned out. Surely, I will need to experiment more. Another thing I have been trying to do is get back to way I used to scrap. At one point, I did not fill a page as much and I really want to get back to that cleaner look that I loved so much.

Thanks for visiting!

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