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17 Apr 2016 | Scrapbooking

In the beginning, I tried to stay up-to-date with the photos that I would use in my layouts. It just had to be a recent photo. It had to be the cutest photo. It had to be a photo that matched the kit. It had to be all of these things. I would get so caught up in all of that and would fret any time I would go back and see an older photo I wanted to scrap. I have a pretty good memory about which photos I have scrapped, which ones I want to re-do a layout for, and which ones I passed over waiting for that perfect kit. I wish I did not place so many stipulations on myself, but that is just my nature.

This past week or so, I decided to look back at older photos for the ones I skipped over. I still remember what was going on at the moment in these photos. Aida had been playing with her toy microphone and guitar. Denard had not too long gotten off work and decided to join her band. They “rocked out” and had a little fun together for a few minutes or so. Even though Aida was enjoying it, she looked at her dad so funny when he started acting like he was really playing that guitar. These photos captured those expressions.

To create this layout, I used a collaboration kit, Good For The Soul by Blagovesta Gosheva & Meghan Mullens. I love the colors in this kit. The photo was altered a bit to match. I normally won’t change a photo, but if I didn’t it would have just looked weird. The sleeves of my daughter’s shirt were a bright blue instead of green. I used a ‘selective color’ adjustment layer along with a layer mask to get the color I wanted. It was a tedious job, but I think it was worth trying since I like the end result.

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