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Not Good with Change + a Layout About Me

At some point, I finally admitted that I don’t do well with change. I will pretty much let changes happens, because… well… sometimes they are inevitable. I won’t say a word about it the whole time and when it settles in, and I realize that “hey, things are so different”, I start to freak out. Just a little at first… but I do. I am so used to having a routine for everything that when it is slightly different, I don’t know how to react.

I have a new little monster of a PC and in this one week with her, she has presented a few challenges. Not anything major but enough that my husband reminded me “bigger is not always better.” A little shocked he threw that one at me, but it is what is. Right? I plan to blog about my experience over the next week or so. It was fun, stressful and it was like a dream – all at the same time. Yes, that is possible… I just lived it. At one point, I was not sure I had done the right thing. The verdict is still out. I had so much downloading, installing and updating to do that it has taken a week just to break her in.

We are halfway through April and I am so glad. I cannot wait to have my daughter home with is for the summer and forget about a school schedule. It does not look like we will be taking a road trip to the beach or home to see our families. Flying from here costs quite a bit more money than if we were flying out of a bigger city with a major airport. At most, we can take a little trip about 4-6 hours one way and see where we land. I have been wanting to get my daughter to the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago. That could definitely be a fun weekend trip. I remember whenever we would visit my grandparents in Chicago for the summer and my cousin and I would beg our dads to take us somewhere fun. The first time I went to the museum I was just in awe of everything. Definitely something I want her to experience and it will be pretty funny to see her reaction to it all.

Anndd to close this post… I made a layout that… is not focused on my children. It’s a miracle! Lol!

No really. The photo was from Mother’s Day last year. The hubs had been on night shift for a couple of months, so he was sleeping and I remember there being no plans for the day. The baby was napping, so my daughter and I decided to hang out with our cameras and have a little bit of a photo walk.

A year or so ago, I got my handwriting turned into a font. When I make my “All About Me” pages, I try to use that font whenever I remember unless some other font pulls my attention. I used the following digital products for my layout:


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