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Daily Life | Scrapbook Layout

I used to take a so many photos. I take photos now, but it’s more intentional. I want to remember certain moments in time. I want to be able to look back on where we were, what we were experiencing, and get a glimpse into our history. This was layout is all about my little guy in November of 2020. He didn’t get to finish Kindergarten at in-person school because that was the beginning of this Covid-19 fiasco. I was so sad for him, but trying to be supportive and keep him safe at the same time.

When things started to look a little crazy, we stocked up on food and other household items, I got the kids a few new things to entertain themselves at home. One day though I found this weird mix of soap and some other liquid in the freezer. The first time I threw it away without a second thought. The second time I just had to find the little guy and ask him what he was up to. I figure if it was my husband or daughter they would have told me they were trying something.

Little dude was so excited that to tell me that he was going to start making soap. Because we needed to wash our hands more, he wanted to have some homemade soap. To my son, anything homemade is better.

I told him soap has to have certain ingredients to be a cleaning agent and to get rid of bacteria and germs. We looked up a few things and found a few hard to pronounce words along the way. I decided to buy him a kit to make his own set of soaps. At least let him try it out and see what it is like. He loved it! I told him one day we would find out how to really make our own so that he could get back to experimenting. He was happy he got try.

This layout is all about those little moments that I don’t ever want to forget.

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