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Let Her Win?

It has been a long week, or at least it seemed that way to me. I slept through my alarm two days in a row. I got to work 20 to 30 minutes later than usual. It really was not as big a deal as I made it out to be but it really throws my entire day off when I start it later than normal. Forgetful is my middle name. I try to do things in a routine – the same way every day, or at least in the same order; it helps me to remember things. The best way to make sure I remember a thought or a moment is to associate it with a sound or song. Sounds strange when I type it out and re-read but hey…it helps! Lol!

This weekend has gotten off to a pretty good start. My mom came over to hang out with Aida and I for a little while. It was quite an interesting day to say the least, which I will elaborate on in my next post. This morning I burned some calories playing Dance Central 3. The funniest thing was Aida. I went downstairs to play by myself; set the game on fitness mode, made a playlist that lasted an hour or so and got to it. Now I am going to admit some truth right here and ‘let’ anyone who wishes laugh at me…and it will be okay with me. I am quiet and pretty much a geek….soooo I have NO coordination, absolutely none– dancing is not a thing for me to do…lol!!! Somehow I do pretty well with the kinect dance games. It takes me a few tries to get in sync but I can…probably look pretty goofy but I can keep!! Aida comes down to play with me and gets mad because I am winning. Like I said, I cannot dance so it’s a miracle I can even get scores in the 6-digit range on the game, but this realllyy upsets Aida. Dance Central 3-unlike Dance Central 1, puts a crown over the winning player’s score. Every time the screen comes up showing the score, Aida looks at me and says, ” I don’t want to play with you. You keep being the queen.” And of course, I laugh…she’s 4 and I’m 28….should I be letting her win?? No one let me win! She realllllyy got angry with me though and stomped her little self back upstairs. It was fine with me because my sole purpose of not telling her to come play was so that I could get some time in without her crying. It did not work though. As soon as she heard the music, she came running down to see what I was doing. I told her not to be a sore loser; I don’t think that went over well with her though…lol!

I don’t know. Some may see that as “oh you could have let her have her way” and some may not, but I need her to realize you cannot get mad every time you lose. I did walk away and fold some clothes while she did a dance or 2, so that she could win a crown -and eventually, we both played together again…then, she ran away to start playing with her toys and forgot all about it. :)

I had a little time to create some pages this week. It’s been a little difficult for me to scrap with so much on my mind, but I pushed myself to create some pages that I love.



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