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Our Journey So Far

It has been a little over a month and we are finally all moved in. There are a few unpacked boxes. I have been enjoying a little quiet time in the evenings prepping furniture to be painted. If I had known that sanding would gain me some “mommy” quiet time, I would have done it before. We are still learning our way around our the new town. For whatever reason, it has not felt as confusing for me to find my way going different places. It probably helped that when we first got here my sister, mama, and I went shopping quite a few times in 2 of the same areas. All of that back and forth around the same streets helped them to stick in my mind better. Or, maybe it is just laid out a little easier. Or, I am more open and trying to learn the directions this time around. I don’t know. I have no idea what it is.

When my family was in town, Brayden was sleeping well- waking up early in the mornings and sleeping through the night. My mama kept saying that he would be on track after they leave. And me, being realistic, I knew not to get my hopes up. He has this way of flipping his sleep schedule around so quickly. He will skip a nap and stay up a whole day well past midnight and barely show signs of being sleepy. I just cannot figure him out. I have pretty much given up on sleeping now.


Other than that, we are getting settled in. It is starting to feel like home or at least our version. My husband and I had a conversation about the fact that we have moved, but it still feels pretty much the same. I think we are just used to the four of us and just going with the flow of things. Our daughter has completed her first week of school. We stayed close to the school before, but are even closer now and I love that.

Our family is used to being in a smaller space, so being able to spread out is taking some getting used to. Some days I like it, and some days I don’t. I liked being able to easily yell to them telling them to do things (lol!). I cannot do that so much now. I mean…. I could… my neighbors’ may not like it so much. Eh!

I am making my way into my scrapbooking routine again. All of the headaches of moving and buying a new home had me so stressed I could not concentrate on anything for awhile. Thankfully it is all simmering down to a lull now. We took a quick photo a few weeks ago on our way out of the door and I decided to use it for my layout. The kit I used is by Amber Shaw at Sweet Shoppe Designs and it is called Seize the Day. I love the colors and the papers and whipped up a page with it. The hardest part of creating my layout was figuring out how I was going to get the journaling situated around my design in the middle. I might have stared at Photoshop for way too long…lol! I knew what I wanted to do, but figuring out the easiest way to do it was something different.

Anyway… it is Sunday and I hope everyone is having a good weekend so far!

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