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School Art: What to do with it?

22 Mar 2016 | Scrapbooking

When my daughter was in daycare, each Friday or so, they would send home all of their artwork and lessons they had been over. I had no idea what to do with all of that paper and projects. We lived in a 2-bedroom apartment and having storage for all of that just was not possible. It isn’t possible now. Back then, I saved it in a zipped-tote bag to keep for her when she was older. Then, when she started kindergarten it began to pile up even more. I started thinking and realized that when I was creating project life pages, I was including photos of her coloring pages. That was when I got the idea to start taking photos of all of her projects and work that I felt she would want to see later in life. BUT… I was not keeping up with project life. So, now what?

I have a new mission. Not really new, it is one I have been trying to work my way towards. I plan to make scrapbook pages of her art. I would like to put them together in a book, but I think I already mentioned on here somewhere about my control issues. So, I am going to include these in her yearly album. That way I have memories of her work and can get rid of all of that paper.

Here’s the first layout with some of her Kindergarten artwork:

To create this layout, the following digital products were used:

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