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Night Time Woes | Documented

Spring Break week is finally over for my little munchkin. We really enjoyed some family time together this week. I stayed off my computer as much as possible, the hubster used some vacation time to hang out with us and we got in some much need crazy, family time. Crazy… well, our days seem to have so much of it with a toddler in the mix. Baby boy is learning more words and even starting to learn to pronounce some more difficult words. It is so funny to hear him mimic us. I recorded a few voice memos of him talking to Siri and singing a few songs. My daughter and I have been singing the ABC song to him at night and he is starting to catch on. He has fell in love with Daniel Tiger, so I indulged and spent the $0.99 to buy the good night song. He really got a kick out of that. Then, there is our own ‘go to sleep’ song that I made up when my daughter was a toddler and he has began to join in singing with us.

You would think that our night time routine was so harmonious and fun with all the singing we are doing…but it is not. Not even close. My daughter used to whine about bedtime before and still does now. She always proclaims she is not sleepy. After I make her lay down and tell her no more talking, she falls asleep within minutes, except Sunday nights. Sundays are the worst. We sleep late, so that makes it a little rough for her go to bed, plus she always has to ask that infamous question: “Is it school tomorrow?” Then baby boy would rather stay up no matter what is going on. He fights sleep like a champ. Not in a good way though. He will whine and cry about everything that is not going his way. He will ask for snacks endlessly. And the whole time, I am thinking, “just please…go to sleep, child!” His whole face will look run down and tired and he will do all he can to stay up.

So, my page I am sharing today is about those nights. The photo was taken a little after 10:00 pm on a Thursday night.

I used the newly released digital kit, 2016 Life Stories: April by Sugary Fancy to create this layout.

I am remaining hopeful that one day we will have easier nights. It just has to be in my future somewhere.

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