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Seeing Them Grow + Template Challenge at TLP

My babies are growing up. That’s how life works. Right? Eh. I guess (lol!). I am already missing being able to lay my little guy down with worrying if he will sit or lay still. These days he is crawling and cruising anywhere he can. Whenever the bathroom door is closed and the light is on, he will stand up against the door with both his hands raised and start banging on the door. Now if I call his name at that time, he will start talking his talk and then bang on the door some more. If I open the door, he usually gives a big smile before he tries to crawl past me at lightning speed.  Yes, he is that fast. AND… he has learned to be super quiet when he is sneaking away. He used to make little sounds whenever he crawled or stop to mess with things along the way, but not anymore. Whenever he hears Aida’s voice or the door to her room open, he immediately heads that way. He loves going in there (probably because of the mass of toys she leaves everywhere). Aida just thinks it’s fun to see him in action. This summer I am going to have to get her out of that room of hers. She will stay in her room all day if I let her.

She has started to want to go outside more. We have let her go outside to play with her classmate. I remind her to stay where we can see her. A lot of the kids in our complex will play together but I have not let her go because they usually play in the courtyard, which I cannot see unless I go with her. I don’t want to be a hovering parent but I just do not feel comfortable with that situation (all kids, no adults). When I was little, my mom did let us play outside and we had a huge yard. Sometimes our neighbors kids would come over to play with us or we would ride our bikes around the neighborhood. My family has lived there for a very long time, so there was at least one person on each street that knew my great-great grandmother (who lived next door before she passed) and my parents. Everyone looked out for each other for the most part. Sadly, we don’t have that here and with all of the crazies out there, it would not matter anyway. I would still be over protective. That is just my nature.

No big plans for our summer. We plan to get down south to visit our family in Alabama. It was a long and torturous ride when my little guy was a few months old. I haven no idea what it will be like this time. He pretty much sleeps through the night now. He only wakes up when he is hot or needs a diaper. Sometimes he will drink a couple of ounces of milk before he falls asleep. I guess we will find out when the time comes.


In between all of that, I had a chance to create a layout for the template challenge at The Lilypad (TLP). If you are new to digital scrapbooking or a lover of templates or, maybe like myself, just want to try something different, the challenge is a great way to try another style of scrapping and receive a template for free. If you complete at least 2 challenges, you also get a chance to receive a discount towards the purchase of some awesome goodies from The Lilypad.

For my page, I chose to use the Serendipity Kit + Journal Cards by One Little Bird. The fonts used are as follows: Brayden script, Grota Sans Alt.

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