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1 Oct 2012 | Scrapbooking

It is Monday and today was a wonderful day, except the fact that my baby was sick. She has a cold and had a slight fever, which is thankfully gone down now. She was just miserable all day. I cooked her favorite breakfast and lunch and she would not eat it. She had pineapples, goldfish and juice for the most of the day. I think she was playing me though- like she knew just what to do to be able to eat junk food all day (lol!). I really do not think she was playing though. Sunday night she moaned in her sleep so bad that I had to lay down early just to quiet her down. This evening she was up more and talking and playing a little. She even ate a bowl of Cheerios. Hopefully, all will be fine tomorrow.

Over the weekend, I had a chance to scrap at my heart’s content. Every time I finished a page I was just amazed. I have not been able to scrap that much in a very long time. It felt good. I am not sure what it is, but it always lifts my spirits. Every page I make is for ‘me.’ I love to see everyone’s eyes, especially Aida’s, when I show them one of my albums. Aida calls the albums her library. I thought that was too cute…and true…lol! And speaking of Aida, here is a recent photo of my ladybug and her big hair. :)

I have a digital kit that I thought would be perfect to make a page for this photo.  Here is that page:


digital products used:

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