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Letter to my Daughter | February 2017

Dearest Daughter,

Each time I look at you, talk to you, or hear the happiness in your voice I am reminded of how much I love you. There are times when we are talking and you give so much wisdom that it amazes me. I actually ask you where you may have heard some of the things you say. It is not that I don’t believe these are your own thoughts; it’s just that the things you say are so profound. I worry when I have to call your name 5 or 10 times to make sure you are listening to me. Is she paying attention? If she’s not paying attention to me, does she pay attention to her surroundings when she is out? in class? From our conversations, I know that there is not a need to worry so much.

You are 8 years old and will soon be another year older. You are a wonderful reader and hitting your stride in math. Everyone at your school tells us how well-behaved and helpful you are. You have this caring side of you that I cannot even compare to. Watching you with your friends and even your little brother makes me smile. I do my best to teach you that the world is not all peaches and sugary sweet and at the same time, I try to teach that your path in life is highly determined by you. No matter what is going on around you, you get to choose how you will respond to it.

In the past year, you have shown more independence. When you come to your father or I for help on how to do something you have never done before, it shows me that you have been doing some thinking. You usually come with half of the idea already figured out and just need some guidance for the rest it. This thirst for learning: don’t ever let it go away. It is a wonderful thing.

I love you my sweet, smart, beautiful girl.

❤ Love :: Mommy

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