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Currently …

I have not blogged in a little while and decided to try something a little different today. My brain is not the best at focusing on one thing right now, so I thought… why not try using the “currently” prompt. I have read blog posts and scrapbook pages using it and it’s fun to see what is going on with everyone else. Here goes….

Planning a weekend trip for my daughter’s birthday. After that first headache of a birthday, we decided to take her on trips to celebrate her special day each year. It is a lot less hectic that way and way more enjoyable. I have never been one for the kid birthday party scene. It just seemed like I was spending all the money feeding and entertaining other people when I only wanted to give all of that attention to my child. So, her dad and I agreed and it has been a tradition ever since.

Reading  ‘The Angel Experiment (Maximum Ride, Book 1)‘. A friend of mine was listening to the audiobook at work and I remember her telling me about this story of children with wings. It sounded odd to me, but now I know I should have trusted her judgement (we have similar tastes in books + movies). I read Confessions of a Murder Suspect, another related story, and I knew I had to check out the Maximum Ride series. So far, so good!

Waiting on the beginning of Spring to arrive. Oh my goodness. I would love to remember what grass looks like and what it means to go outside without bundling up. Overnight and this morning we got more snow, and of course, the roads were not exactly clear. I really really really hate driving through the snow. I started to just let me daughter stay home from school, which I have done before when the roads were slippery and there were reports of accidents. I just cannot understand why they don’t have it cleared if they want these children at school. A few started late… but not our district. Of course, they are probably worried about making up time, which I think is nonsense. I can’t see them doing anything differently with these 10 minutes a day. It’s just silly to me.

Watching the The Originals episode from last night. At first when they said they were doing a spin-off of Vampire Diaries, I did not think I would like it but I enjoy it just as much. I just could not see a show without Rebecca, Klaus and Elijah, so this gives me that fix.

Wondering why I have this massive migraine that just started out of nowhere. Today was a pretty good day for me. Not too many mood swings (lol!), I cooked a delicious dinner and even had a peaceful trip to the grocery store with my little ladybug. I wish I could take something more than Tyelenol but I would rather not chance it. Since it does not work, I don’t even take it right now. I just let it ride and pray it goes away within a week at least. This leads me to my next….

Expecting a new little one to grace our family with their arrival in August of this year. Later this month, I will be turning 30 and a couple of days later we get to find out whether we are having a boy or a girl. I am so excited but at the same time it’s hard cause I feel so different this time around. I remember being extremely exhausted and just excited about life with my daughter, but this time is really making me feel like I am old and crazy or something. Now I remember being rude and having mood swings at the drop of a hat when I was pregnant with her. My 14-(soon to be 15)-year old niece told me not to be mean to my husband and daughter this time. I wanted to deny it when she said it but I remember not wanting to be around people for the craziest reasons and just being annoyed by everything. So now… this time.. I am more noticeable of it and I am just trying to keep my mouth closed and focus on the good things. Sometimes it works, sometimes … not…  still working on it though. I am only human.

Loving my little Aida-belle and trying to soak up as many sweet moments with her as I can. When she first started school this year, I was worried and driving her crazy with questions everyday. Now, I have learned to just relax a little and keep it to a two question minimum: “Did you have a good day?” and “Did anything fun happen?” Other than that, I just let it be and now she just opens up and tells me about her day. Something else I have learned is that I have to pay attention to how she communicates. How she really feels about her day can be determined according to the way she tells her story and what details she chooses to put emphasis on. I just love that girl and seeing her grow into a little lady.

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