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Winter Be Gone

25 Feb 2014 | Scrapbooking

I have been sitting here in a bit of a funk because this cold weather is just not going anywhere. Sorry if my posts always mention the cold, but it is just seeming to overwhelm me. Goodness, I will just be glad to get out of the house and be able to enjoy being outside … even just for a few minutes. We had a couple of days this past week of 30-40 degree weather and I was ready to do cartwheels (not literally… lol!). Seriously. This weather is definitely putting a slump on a lot of things. I knew that moving here I would probably have 80% of my photos taken indoors. With school in session, and us really being homebodies, there is not much that we do. We did go to the circus about a week ago. I have lots of fun photos to share of that. Other than that, since it has gotten so cold, we really only go out for school and grocery shopping.

Lately, our family has been playing Minecraft (for the PC) together on the weekends. We got a copy of it for our daughter first since she was playing so much in the iPad. Then, she wanted us to play with her. My husband and I finally gave in and got accounts too. At first, we was so hard to play on my phone because it was giving me a headache to look at the small screen. Then one day, she was out of school and I was like, “You know, Aida. Let’s play Minecraft. Show me why you love this game so much.” And from there… the fun began… I can honestly say that since the day I started playing video games it was because I saw someone else’s enjoyment. I just had to know why. I am glad I did try it out with my daughter. She has taught me so much about it… even though I am still lost and a little slow to catching on to certain things. We have fun… and that’s all that really matters to me.

Earlier today I got a chance to finish a few scrapbook pages. One page I am really proud of… I just love how it turned out. I will admit that I have been in a bit of a scrapping funk. That has not stopped me completely from scrapping but it has me scrapping more for myself.

Anyway… I don’t normally use templates but I love the change of pace sometimes. I am a very routine person and I love neat, clean lines and I just need to get out of that way of scrapping sometimes. I need to try something new. So, I tried out this pretty awesome template from Sweet Shoppe by Brook M. and I have to say… I am so glad I did. This is one of my favorite pages this month.

digital products used:

  • Project Storyteller Font Pack – Darcy Baldwin
  • Walk in the sunshine – Lauren Grier
  • Trifecta 02 (Template) – Come on Oval – Brook Magee
  • Be someone else’s rainbow – Lauren Grier + Mari Koegelenberg
  • Life Stories: Summer – Kristin Cronin-Barrow + Zoe Pearn

Just a couple of my other favorites from this weekend….



digital products used:

  • Year of templates vol. 13 | Country Road [kit] + [cards] + [word art] | Dark Room papers + Plastic alpha – Sahlin Studio
  • Down the Lane [buttons and blooms] – Sahlin Studio
  • Clementine blooms | Reflection – Sahlin Studio
  • Mega Solids Papers – Amy Wolff


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