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I Moved…again!

31 May 2013 | Life

New blog…new address….I am excited to be moving back to WordPress. Oh I missed thee!

Okay. I am probably being a little too silly, but the weekend is here and the day is starting off well. It seems like I have been working this blog forever. Long nights (or should I say, mornings…) and long days trying to quickly get dinner ready while doing the laundry just so I would have more time on the computer. It was definitely worth it though. I have learned quite a bit these past few weeks with still so much more to learn. I am definitely ready for the next challenge. I can say I am excited to start this new adventure. I was constantly customizing my blog every 2 or 3 months and this way, I plan to read more and work on some WordPress themes. Not going to jinx myself, but I hope to keep this current blog design for awhile…or until I learn some massively cool tricks (lol!!).

Now it is Friday…baby girl and I are going to hit the town with our favorite guy. In half an hour or so, I will be ‘unplugged’ for the rest of the night spending time with my two lovies. Thanks for visiting ! :)

Happy Friday!