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My First Grader

3 Sep 2014 | Life

Yesterday was my daughter’s first day back to school. According to her, she had a wonderful day. My husband asked Monday night if I was excited for her to be going back. My immediate answer was no. I mean, I was standing there making bags of snacks for the week and getting things ready for her first day. I had to make sure her medication was packed, clothes were ready, complete the forms to return to the school …. yada… yada… All of that is just stressful to me! I don’t have a good memory, so just imagine a crazy woman running around with all these little lists trying to remember if she has done everything on them. He says I was being selfish… I was thinking “probably!” Now, I was excited to see her excited that morning as she was getting ready for the day.



When I went to pick her up, she had the biggest smile on her face. She told me she had a great day and that her teacher was soooooo nice.


Surprising to me…  she wanted me to wake her up extra early today so that she could get to school quicker. She does not like getting up in the morning. Hopefully, she will remember she said it when it is time to wake up.