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New Beginnings

I am excited and nervous at the same time. Many new things on the horizon and it is all just beginning. Friday was my last day of work with a company I had been with the past five years. I kept thinking “oh this will be easy” and no big deal. Not at all how it went in my head. It was what I had done every working day for the past five years. I gained friends and a lot of knowledge. I had my child while I was employed there. Her first Santa picture was taken at a Christmas event held by the company. I am sad to go but I also know it was necessary. The man I love was waiting for the right time for change. An opportunity surfaced and he stepped all the way out there. I had to encourage him because of all the things he has done and sacrificed for our daughter and myself. He was not always that way. When we first met, he was on the right path but having moments where he would get side tracked. There is nothing wrong with that because we all have to learn and grow up. I have seen him change and grow into a wonderful man; he still surprises me. Yes- he makes me mad, sad, happy….all in a day…but it is all worth it. I have told him things that no one else knows, so that is how I know this upcoming move from our hometown to a place new to us is a must…and according to our daughter, an adventure.

This morning we woke up and did not have to rush out of the house (silly mommy likes to get out of the house a.s.a.p. to be at work a certain time). It was a very nice feeling. I made her breakfast, took a little extra time to get her ready, and we had time to stop by my favorite grocery store (Publix) to get a little morning treat for the ladies at her daycare. The night before we finished up cards for her teachers. My child is affectionate and loving so it was easy to express how she felt ….and it made it easier for me.

I have always been grateful to have her at a daycare that I was happy with and knowing she was taken care of. That first week, when she was four months old, I was worried like crazy…but that only lasted a couple of weeks. I would call and check her and she would always be sleep. As she got older, she was playing more and never in a rush to leave, so I knew she was okay…and sometimes more than okay, because they surely spoiled her.

Now, I have more packing to do…..hmph!

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