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Savoring Every Moment

I was so proud of myself this past week for getting 3 scrapbook layouts done (will share later). To say I am ready for things to settle would be an understatement, but we are finally there. As close as we can be anyway. This past weekend we went to look for a new sofa. I always do such extensive research on anything I buy or thinking to buy, so why not with the couch. We went to at least 3 different places and I finally found one place that I felt good about the purchase. Finding quality-made furniture seems to take some diligence, but thankfully my husband and I both know what to look for. He even had one guy flipping couches up and looking at the framework. Is that weird? Eh… we have learned from our experiences.

I can say one thing. Owning a home is a lot different than renting. I was not  up for buying before now because I have extreme issues with commitment (besides the hubby…that is). I change my mind a lot and I just have not lived in that one place yet that feels “right.” I am all about how I feel and get feelings about things and people often. Alabama was gloomy for me and Wisconsin was partly gloomy, if I want to compare like I am doing the weather forecast (lol). Really…. with each move, in the beginning is the time to feel things out and explore. After that period is over, I will know how I feel. We tend to be a family that stays to ourselves. I am going to try my best to do things differently here and attempt to get to know some people. Not sure how well it will go. Maybe I should blog that awkwardness too.

School is going well for baby girl. She actually got a pair of glasses back in June for her astigmatism and to see if they’d help with her headaches. I have gotten more comfortable with her school experience each passing day. They have not had much homework – a few math worksheets and every night reading is a must. She has made a lunch friend and a few in her class.  Baby boy is busy as ever. He has quite the collection of trucks, cars, and trains. Any time we are going down the road and he sees an 18-wheeler or any type of construction machine/truck, he goes crazy. It is always a must to sing a song and wave at them. He is quite funny… when he is not overly busy. Things are going well in our little corner.

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