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Friday Faves: August 24


So… maybe you have or maybe you have not.. noticed… my blog got a makeover!! I think I am addicted. I am just so in love with going into hiding and staring into the world of CSS/HTML for days at a time. It is ridiculous. Same theme just some cosmetic changes. There was a color palette I had been lusting over. Yes… I said lusting (lol!). I had played with these color on a few of my scrapbook pages, so the time was right and I decided to make the change…and hopefully that will lead to more changes on the blog. ::insert big smile here::

Speaking of changes – I am trying something different and today I just wanted to post about some of my favorites at the moment.

1.  Song by Gotye – Eyes Wide Open. When I first heard it, I was not sure if I liked it and then the more I listened, the more I loved it. I have this song in my head most of the day. Once my brain has it on repeat, I usually follow suit and purchase it on iTunes. Listening to it on Spotify on the web player is fine but it does not help if I am in the car. So – I had to give in and get the song and it has been quite good company while I scrapbook.

2. Next is my current television obsession. I am not usually a television addict but when I am cooking and doing the laundry, I will have it on. I finished up a couple of series on HBO and really wanted something to watch. I had been reading in forums about Breaking Bad and decided to check it out. Well, at first – the idea of the show made me sad and I was like “no, can’t watch’s too sad.” Then, one day I was bored and gave it a try again and got hooked! I watched the first four seasons in record time. It was hard to stop. Now that I am caught up, I am a little bit sad because the show is on its last season with about 5 more episodes to go before the end. I think the main reason I love it is because the main character is seen as smart, quiet and pretty much all ‘book-sense.’ I have had all of those labels thrown at me, so to see someone breaking out of those labels and just doing their own thing is pretty cool. Will definitely miss this show once it ends.

3. Lastly, this great book by Jon Duckett called HTML and CSS: Design and Build Websites. I was literally browsing the web for help on where to start learning to design and build sites. I came across degree programs, certifications and I found an article that spoke on the best way to get started. This book was mentioned and I immediately went on a hunt for reviews. A few of them were discouraging but I bought it anyway. The book was less than $20 and I was sure it would show me something new…and it did. It is a very beginner HTML and CSS type book. I read this book and was able to add my own html div elements and use css to style it without any confusion as to where which code should be. It really lays out the framework for building a site in a more visual manner. I really liked how he used some of the older html code/terms and translated them to what are used today. Once I started fiddling around in WordPress again, I was able to look through css and html code and KNOW what the words mean. That was a huge thing for me. It really helped to put together the puzzle pieces. Now it sits on the shelf of my desk as a reference guide.

Links for the items mentioned above are also listed at the bottom of the post. Before I close, I thought it would only be right to share one of my favorite photos from this month.



Thanks for visiting! Hope your weekend is off to a good start!

 [icon name=”icon-music”] Music: Eyes Wide Open by Gotye (Amazon or iTunes) | [icon name=”icon-film”] TV Series: Breaking Bad  (Amazon or iTunes)     [icon name=”icon-book”] Web Design: HTML and CSS: Design and Build Websites by Jon Duckett

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