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Getting Ready for Kindergarten

Only one more week before my daughter starts school. I am nervous and excited for her at the same time. All of our shopping is done ….so far. [icon name=”icon-smile”] She loves to shop just as much as her mama. At the beginning of the summer,  I let her go ahead and start looking at book bags and lunch bags. Since it is her first backpack, I let her pick it out and of course she picked out her favorite character, Hello Kitty, with a matching lunchbox. I figure first year she should have what she wants since we won’t really have to worry about her carrying too much in it. And being who I am, I have an extra backpack of my liking on standby (lol!).

She is ready to make friends and be a little social butterfly. I had to remind her that school is not just for socializing. It is a place to learn. I have also had to have a talk with her about a lunch time. I know she will want to buy lunch some days and I am all for her having that experience, but I do worry that she will not eat. She is a very picky eater and will not eat anything if she does not want it. We had some scares when she was 2 or 3 years old. Her lips and hands would turn blue and she was so cold. After a couple of trips to the doctor and some blood work, they said her iron was too low. She had to take iron drops for a while, which she hated. We have managed to never have that happen again and I would like to keep it that way. She and I made a list of food ideas for her lunch, so I will be shopping for all of that this weekend. I just want her to at least nibble..get something in her system.

The other issue we are will be getting her back to a normal bed time. She was always grumpy in the mornings so this part will be interesting. I am just hoping for the best. I really want her to enjoy her first year of school and do very well with her academics. Her dad and I are the nerds so she has to be our nerd spawn, of course (lol!).

Anyway, I have one page to share before I end this post. Aida has been wanting to ride her bike more lately. She is too tall for it, so hopefully next year she will have a bigger bike without training wheels. She has done pretty good balancing it. The training wheels are just a bit loose, so it doesn’t stand up perfectly unless she helps to balance it. I thought that would help her get used to the idea of not having them. That is not the case at all; she would not let me touch those little plastic wheels. So… that is the idea behind my page here…and of course, enjoying the sunshine and warmth while it lasts.

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