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30 DAYS OF THANKS:DAY 3 + Project Life 2012

I was thinking today about a few things and decided that now was a good time to get my post up for the day.

Day 3: I am thankful for my family. I really wanted to wait to do this one but it is the feeling I have right now. From my daughter to my husband to my parents to my sister and her family to my in-laws, I am grateful to have them all in my life. They have been a wonderful support system and I am proud to call them my own. We may disagree and get loud, but in the end, the love is still there and that is what matters first. I learned early on that life is not to be taken for granted. I could say all day that people get on my nerves or make me nervous but with family, that does not matter.  I remember my in-laws buying us groceries and things for Aida shortly after she was born. If we wanted to come visit, they always fed us and we had a place to sleepover for a weekend. We could not have made that 18-hour drive from Alabama to up here without my parents. I still think about that trip and situations occurring before then, and I was not sure how it would all work… but it did. Although she drives me crazy, I enjoy the daily phone calls I get from my big sister. It makes me feel a little bad for being mean when I was younger (nahh..maybe!) Just kidding…love you CheChe! My nieces (M & H) drove me crazy but we have had a lot of fun together when we lived nearby and even now on Facetime.

Last night I started working on another Project Life page for 2012. I am half way through and really need to start working on it more. I finished up week 25. These pages are so scattered in their design, but I just did not want to go back and re-do them as I normally would. Mostly because it shows how I have progressed since I started the project. That itself is something I want to remember.

project life 2012 week 25

digital products used:

The first time I used Traci’s Die Cut Cards, I clipped a solid colored paper to it, applied a shadow and placed the card on top of another paper. I wanted to try something a little different this time. Instead of creating a shadow, I clipped a teal color paper to the card with the cameras. Then applied the following layer style: Stroke >  Size 4px | Position Outside | Blend Mode Normal | Opacity 100% | Fill Type Color – #1e1e1e. The result is the card on the bottom right placed on top of a yellow solid paper. Oh! Another thing I did was the change the fill of the card to 60% and the opacity remained at 100%. When I applied the stroke style, the fill converted to 0% without any of the teal color showing through. I increased it to 60% to see just a bit of color.

My little one has a day out of school tomorrow so we are going to set ourselves up for a fun TV night. Walking Dead is our show, so she will get a chance to watch it this Sunday instead of going to bed at 8.  Hope your Sunday is going well! Thanks for visiting!

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