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Her Words…Not Mine

April is here and the anxiety of my child turning 5 years old in May is really getting to me. I have never been one to ask others to babysit. She is my child and I wanted to have her for a reason. I love being around her. Yes, she jumps on every last nerve I have…and at the end of the day, I laugh about. How can a little person come up with all of these things to do? Lately, her vocabulary has been changing and she is using new words. It is FUNNY to hear her come up with these outlandish phrases.

– The Word: Obvious. I am giving her a bath and cleaning around her ear piercing with peroxide. She looks at me and says, “It’s obvious what you are doing.” I am like ‘yes’ …I know…I was not trying to hide. Now be still. lol!

– The Word: Awkward. We were watching “One for the Money.” Well more like, I was watching and she decided she was tired of iPad games. There is a scene where the lady was handcuffed to her shower rod and had to call her partner (a guy) for help. He comes in and does his lines nonchalantly..and Aida sounds off, “Awkward! Real awkward!” I burst out laughing. I had no idea what to say because it was very awkward… lol!

– The Word: Options. Now this one happened tonight. Whenever I am on Facebook, she wants me to read her all of the messages I get or anything that makes me laugh. I was talking to my sister and passed a message to Aida that her Aunt said hello. Well, she says “hey” and then wants to know if she can go to her house. When I respond that she will see her aunt and cousins soon, she tells me that there are options. It was like she did not like my answer and was waiting for a better idea or answer.

The girl is too funny though. Her dad says he was missing out on conversations with her while we were apart for a couple of months. He has no idea! Her idea of conversation now is so much different. I love to hear her pulling words from things we have said or that she has seen on TV. I know…I know … all about TV ruining kids. BUT…of course there is a but…I absolutely loved learning new words from reading the closed captioning and once I learned to read, I read any and every thing just so I could read and discover more words. I have been teaching her and coaxing her to do more sounding out. She tends to give that “I can’t read” response, but I told her, “if you know the letter sounds, you can figure out the words.”

I got a chance to create a page for Easter. I did not think I would since it is just the three of us. We had a nice, relaxing weekend though.

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