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Scrapbooking Baby’s First Steps

At 12:24 AM on July 25, my little boom-boom turned one year old. We were so happy to meet him and we are even more happy to be celebrating his first birthday with him. He has been cruising around with help for a while now. We had no idea when he would actually try to take those first steps by himself. He has had some rough days due to teething. He has a couple coming in at the top which have caused quite bit of discomfort for the past couple of weeks. His sleep schedule started getting thrown off because he kept waking up rubbing his mouth. One of those nights, three days after his first birthday, we were up very late. He was playing with his big sister and standing at the TV stand. One moment he was pressing the buttons on the cable box changing the format and the next, he had let go of the stand and took a few steps towards the sofa.

Was I ready? After all of that waiting, did I have my camera set and ready to shoot? Did I have my memory card formatted and cleared of all photos that were taking up unnecessary space? Did I even witness those first few steps? No. Nope. No… no.. no. I missed it. 

Soon after that moment he took an even longer stride from the sofa to where I was sitting. He was grinning so big. I was so proud of him. My daughter and I were clapping and cheering him on. He stopped for a second to join in the clapping. He got really excited and took off… almost in a sprint. Slow down little dude. He was so ready. I got a video and a few photos with my iPhone. The next few days I made up for not having my camera ready and got a few shots of him walking around the living room. We cleared a space. My ladybug was more worried about him falling than me. She stayed right behind the whole time. She even took the sofa pillows and some of her nap mats from school and put them along the walls and corners to make sure he would not hurt himself. Big sister is too sweet. After I got a chance to capture special this big moment with my camera, I knew I would be creating a layout about it soon.

This time I decided to use a template. Now, it is rare I will use a template exactly as it is. They are a great starting point when I am not sure how I want to create my page. I move things around as I go. I love having a good foundation to start with and then being able to morph it into something I love even more.

digital scrapbook products featured in this post : Never Stop Exploring Kit ✚ Oh So Happy Template by Two Tiny Turtles
PHOTO CREDITS: photo by Tronesia ✚ clothing Children’s Place ✚ toys available here and here
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