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All My Fault

From time to time, I will do a Google search on my first name. It’s not a very common name. Usually, I would find someone with a similar pronunciation but a different spelling. After a few searches, I did find at least 2 people with the same spelling. I was actually pretty saddened by it (lol!). I hated my name as a child. Teachers, church members, classmates, family members …anyone I met…misspelled and always mispronounced it. I understand it has several syllables (tro-neese-ee-ya), but I take the time to remember everyone else’s names and no one ever did the same for me. It was not until I went to college that I met people that actually said it right with no help or asked before saying it to make sure they were pronouncing it correctly. I hated roll calls in all school situations. I used to not answer if it was said the wrong way. So, when it came to naming my child, I knew it had to be short and sweet.

I remember telling my mom and sister the name we chose. My mom said it sounded country and my sister said it sounded like a grandmother’s name. That did not bother me though. I was totally fine as long as my child could spell it. Now- I have her name written everywhere because she can spell it so well. She has re-named all the folders on the iPad to Aida. All of her Sims have Aida in their names somewhere. Before we moved, she had even written it on the walls. Then, she saw me performing a Google search with my name and now she does it. I think she searches her name at least once a week.

Today, after her bathe, I am picking up some things and she sits on my computer and does a search for her name and tells me she is famous. She says “Mommy look…can you see it? See that I am famous.” Somehow she always find this musical called “Aida” by Elton John and Tim Rice. She thinks this is somehow about her. My child and her dreams of grandeur. :)

Speaking of my little munchkin, I have a layout to share. When I saw this kit, I had a different kind of layout in mind.  As soon as I started making the page, I knew just what I wanted to do and what photos I wanted to use. I had just finished talking to my mom. I will admit that as I was talking to her (or listening, rather), my mind was thinking of how she and my dad have been there for us.

 photo tron-fjeverydy2-700_zps4034c601.jpg

digital products used:
  • Everyday Joy – Forever Joy Designs
  • Kraft Alpha freebie – DSA

Scrapbooking has always been an emotion driven thing for me. I rarely admit I have any emotional ties but life’s experiences have shown me that it is okay to just let go and let the people you love know how you feel while they are still here. That is one of the many reason I keep at it.

Thanks for visiting! I hope you are having a good Thursday! :)

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  • I think it’s a lovely page both aesthetically, and for remembrance’s sake. And she is so pretty and cute, even when she’s not entirely happy, that these pages will bring you joy for so long, and then to her as well. =)ReplyCancel

    • Tronesia

      Thank you Heather! I definitely agree- I go back and look through my old pages just to remember some things.ReplyCancel